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Picture    The Matica Srpska Society, when founded, there was an act in the document on foundation announcing the purpose… "Serbian hand written books are to be published and spread, from now on without stopping forever". That was the foundation of the first publishing house, one that remained to be a leader ever since, with it's name "Izdavacko preduzece Matice srpske". This tradition was continued after the World War II, but also including the publications in the languages of ethnic groups. "Bratstvo-jedinstvo" publishing company was founded to issue newspapers and books in languages of all nations and nationalities. This mission was taken over later by special organizations such as "Dnevnik" in Serbian, "Forum" in Hungarian, "Obzor" in Slovakian, "Libertatea" in Romanian and "Ruske slovo" in Ruthian language. The publishing company of The Matica Srpska Society is focused on publications of capital literary works and the most valuable works of contemporary national and international literature. The biggest achievemes are "Srpska knjizevnost u sto knjiga", edition published twice, and "The Serbian Writers From Vojvodina Collected Works".
     Dositej Obradovic, great educator and the first Minister of Education in Serbia, was born in Vojvodina among others, such as Jovan Sterija Popovic and Kosta Trifkovic, who were dramatists, Lukijan Musicki, Laza Kostic, Djura Jaksic and Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj as poets, Jakov Ignjatovic and Stevan Sremac as prose writers. Branko Radicevic, a poet, has gone to school in Sremski Karlovci and was buried on Strazilovo Hill. New age writers, that achieved the biggest affirmation were Milos Crnjanski, Veljko Petrovic, Isidora Sekulic, Dusan Vasiljev, Zarko Vasiljevic, Jovan Popovic, prose writers of the same period were Bosko Petrovic, Aleksandar Tisma, Pavle Ugrinov and Petko Vojnic Purcar, the poets Vasko Popa,Stevan Raickovic, Bogdan Ciplic, Miroslav Antic, the literature historians Mladen Leskovac, Zivan Milisavac, Zivojin Boskov and others. The edition of The Matica Srpska Society named "Prva knjiga" is helping young authors in affirmation over the years. Good organization, modern technique and own printing hou made "Forum" to be one of the high reputation publishing companies. Each year, ten to fifteen books of Hungarian writers are published. The co-production between "Forum" and Budapest publishing companies made publications of Yugoslav authors in Hungarian language possible. Those books are well accepted in Hungary. Printing in Vojvodina has a long tradition. Artist and writer from Vojvodina, Zaharije Orfelin, started the first magazine of Southern Slavs called "Slaveno-serbski-magazin" in 1768. The first Serb political newspapers were issued in Vienna. The literature magazine called "Serbski letopisi", later renamed into "Letopis Matice srpske" made the breakthrough of Serb culture to this region as well.

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