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"Matica srpska" building

     The oldest cultural-scientific institution in Vojvodina (but also in country), Matica Srpska Society, was founded in 1826 in Budapest and moved to Novi Sad in 1864. After the World War II it is directed as a scientific, literate and cultural society toward the scientific research and publishing work. However, the spiritual value is devised by the new content. Matica Srpska Society was the initiator of the Novi Sad Agreement on Serbian language (1954), was leading the action for making the unique orthography (1960) and made "The Vocabulary of Serbian Standard Literary Language" in six books (1967-76). Matica.. is publishing the "Letopis Matice srpske" magazine, that is one of the oldest in the world, continuously being published since 1824. Eight scientific anthology books of Matica Srpska Society (for literature and language, philosophy and linguistics, history, Slavic studies, social and natural science, art, theater and music) have high reputation. These books are written also with the cooperation of foren scientist. Each year Matica Srpska Society is granting The Zmaj Award for poetry in Serbian language. The Law on The Matica Srpska Society (1986) is regulating the matters of endowment and legacy, given by the national benefactors, are spent for different cultural and educational purposes.

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