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     In all centers of municipalities there are libraries with their branches in the villages, in fact local communities and companies. There are more than 300 of those with total of three million books. Five hundred and seventy five school libraries exist with close to three million books and approximately 1.300.000 books are placed in 75 scientific and specialized libraries. The total of 3.530 books per 1000 people was a figure in 1984. The biggest attention is given to children and school literature, taking into consideration the fact that the largest readers body are pupils and students. The literature evenings, book exhibitions and meetings between authors and readers are frequently organized in libraries. One can find books in libraries written in various languages.

     The central library of Vojvodina is the Library of The Matica srpska Society, opened in 1838. That library has more than 700.000 books and 10.000 titles of various newspapers and magazines. Some of those are pretty rare. The most valuab collection is the one of the hand written books from the previous centuries. The Library is exchanging books with other big libraries in the country and abroad. The reference center has been founded in order to connect to local and international libraries' information systems.

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