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    Vojvodina has a large number of interesting and valuable cultural and historical monuments that are under the protection of State. Regional institute for the protection of the cultural monuments is taking care of them, along with other cultural institutions. The biggest attention, for archeological sites, has Gomolava on the bank of the Sava river, place showing the continuity of cultures from 5.000 b.c. up to XVI century. The Roman town of Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica, has the biggest ancient value. The ruins of the Tzar Palace decorated with the mosaics were found. During the construction of a town, new valuable details are frequently found and later either put into the Museum of Srem or conserved at the spot. The museum's lapidary has numerous valuable sculptures, epitaph and architectural decorative plastics, mosaics and frescos. Eastern and western influences' meeting points could be seen on the ruins of the medieval buildings. There is an interesting stone plastics at the ruins of Roman-Gothic churchombo in Rakovac. Araca by Novi Becej, built at the beginning of XIII century is an impressive ruin of the Roman basilica. The original medieval apse remained on the Franciscan monastery in Bac. Old Holly Mary church in Morovic is partly preserved.

PictureThe fortress of Bač

     The fortress of Bac has the monumentality of the medieval fortifications. It was built between 1338-1342 and it was burned down during the Rakocsi rebellion in 1703. It was not rebuilt ever since. It is situated on the island, surrounded by the little river, morass and artificial canal. The basic construction is an irregularly shaped square. Four angles of the square have four towers and the main tower is 18 meters high. The Vrsacko Brdo and Vrdnik fortress' have only "donzon"- towers left and the Stari Slankamen Fortress has only picturesque details. The Bodjani Monastery in Southwest Backa is representing the local variant of the Baroque architecture and art. The Hristofor Zefarovic's frescos, made in 1737, are of a great value. The Kovilj Monastery by Novi Sad is one of the last meeting points of the Byzantine tradition and European Baroque. The Mesic Monastery in Southern Banat has nice painting from 1743 and worthy library. The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad is representing the most attractive culral and historical monument. There is a trace that the Roman fortress existed at the same place.
     Today's fortress was built between 1690 and 1776 according to the French "Voban" fortification system. The Fortress is a center of a cultural events, tourism and recreation from 1950. The suburb of Petrovaradin, in the shadow of the Fortress, is the most complete old urban agglomeration kept up to now. The castles built at the properties of the owners of large estates are the modest variants in this architectural group, but there are also some nice buildings - Baroque (Horgos), Classicism (Celarevo) and Secessionism (Aleksa Santic). Monuments from the National Liberation War are the memorial complex on the Iriski Venac peak and The Memorial Cemetery in Sremska Mitrovica. The massive bewitched hillocks, made under the project of the architect Bogdan Bogdanovic are shocking because of their simplicity and dignity.

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