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     The precious treasure of Vojvodina has been kept and treated in the archives, museums and galleries. The central archive institution is The Archive of Vojvodina, founded in 1926. The written materials on history of Vojvodina, from XVIII century up to now, are kept in approximately 50.000 boxes, 20.000 administrative books and more than 1.000 maps and plans. Two hundred and fifty various funds were put in order, and the micro-filmed archive materials on the region of Vojvodina, presently in the foreign archives, were provided by the exchange. New materials are arriving all the time from the registers. The occupant took away wagons of precious materials during the withdrawal from Vojvodina in World War II, but only a small part of it was returned by the Yugoslav Government requests.
     Regional archives are in Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Subotica, Kikinda, Sombor, Sremska Mitrovica, Pancevo, Bela Crkva and Senta. The Serbian Academy of Art and Science Archive in Sremski Karlovci is a former patriarchy-metropolitan archive ceded to the Academy in 1949. The Manuscript Department of the Matica Srpska Society owns rich collections of the hand written letters and photographs of known writers and scientists.

 List of Archives in Vojvodina with addresses, telephones and length of materials:

     1. The Serbian Academy of Art and Science Archive
     Trg Karlovacke Mitropolije 1
     Tel: (021) 88757
     6,645 m

     2. Historical Archive of Bela Crkva
     Ulica 1 okt. 40
     26340 BELA CRKVA
     Tel. (026) 851283
     2,094 m

     3. Historical Archive of Zrenjanin
     Trg Slobode 10
     23000 ZRENJANIN
     Tel. (023) 64322
     2,449 m

     4. Historical Archive of Kikinda
     Trg Srpskih Dobrovoljaca 21
     23300 KIKINDA
     Tel. (0230) 22187
     1,032 m

     5. Historical Archive of Novi Sad
     Dunavska 35
     21000 NOVI SAD
     Tel. (021) 21244 and (021) 22332
     3,904 m

     6. Historical Archive of Senta
     Trg Marsala Tita 1
     24400 SENTA
     Tel. (024) 80037
     2,363 m

     7. Historical Archive of Sombor
     Trg Cara Lazara 5
     25000 SOMBOR
     Tel. (025) 2287
     3,806 m

     8. Historical Archive of Sremska Mitrovica
     Pikijeva 4
     Tel. (022) 21861
     1,681 m

     9. Historical Archive of Subotica
     Trg Slobode 1
     24000 SUBOTICA
     Tel. (024) 24033 and (024) 51171
     3,520 m

     10. Historical Archive of Pancevo
     Nemanjina 7
     26000 PANCEVO
     Tel. (013) 317 344 and (013) 331 240
     Fax. (013) 518 421
     4,352 m

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