By the decision of Novi Sad town Assembly, public enterprise "Zavod za izgradnju grada" Novi Sad (Bureau for Town Construction) was established on 1st September 1993 and its foundation act has determined the position, status, activities and other issues referring to Bureau operations.
The present "Zavod za izgradnju grada" originates from the Bureau for Novi Sad Public Service Development, established on 1st February 1958, and in certain sense it is Bureau's predecessor. After the end of the World War II Novi Sad was without public works, and commenced urbanization process and greater inflow of population have required the justified and organized preparing of municipal building sites.
In the meantime, the Bureau has often changed its form and name according to general socio-economic trends, but its role of Dealing with the activities of cession and preparation of municipal building sites Bureau together with other institutions take part in the development of Novi Sad as the big and modern urban center.